Biogas Roof double-layer | BGR II

The pole-supported double-Shell biogas roof consists of an outer membrane and inner membrane which forms the biogas storage space.
The central pole supporting the culmination point ensures that the double-shell biogas roof withstands all kinds of external loads, such as snow, rain and wind loads etc. The double warped surface prevents the roof from pumping and fluttering in the wind. Both membranes are fastened to the outer wall of a steel or concrete tank. The gastight design protects the gas holder against under- and overpressure on the gas side. Level metering systems provide electronic signals about the filling level inside the gas membrane, which can be used for the plant control system provided by the client. Since this storage system is depressurized, it may only be combined with other depressurized products, such as a single-shell biogas roof.
Biogasdach zweischalig
Biogas roof double shell
biogas roof