Biogas Roof single-layer | BGR I

The CENO biogas Roof is essentially mounted and sealed to be gas-tight, and manufactured as the BGD-1s model.
This cover shapes the biogas space without storage volume. A central pole or mast holds the biogas roof in shape.This enables the biogas roof to carry all kinds of external loads such as snow, rain, wind loads etc. Its optimised design and manufacturing – the CENO biogas roof has a double warped surface – prevents the roof from pumping or fluttering in the wind. Prestraining of the CENO biogas roof is done using a tensioning device near the central pole rather than via the crown of the tank, which would mean more stress on the membranes. This essentially contributes to a longer service life of the CENO biogas roof.

The membrane of the biogas roof is mounted to the external wall of steel or concrete tanks and sealed gas-tight. A safety valve seals the cover against under- and overpressure on the biogas side. The CENO biogas roof system is frequently applied for covering permanent storage depots and is also suitable for covering fermenters. It not only acts as a gas-tight seam but also as a roof, and thus reduces investment costs.

Plant concepts with more than one tank allow for the combined use of single-shell biogas roofs and air-supported double membrane gas holders. In such a case the single-shell cover is designed to meet the pressure requirements of the DMGS.

Our competent staff will be happy to inform you about the various models and variants on offer, and accompany your project from the design stage to the legally prescribed checks.

Biogasdach einschalig
biogas roof single shell
opening and safety valve