Gas storage for biogas in energy supply

Issues such as direct marketing, electricity and RNG interconnection, and demand-oriented supply pose a challenge in the field of renewable energy. To ensure full flexibility, the storage of Biogas is to meet certain expectations. Ever-larger storage volumes are required. Availability is the new keyword. Our in-house Research & Development team ensures the continuous improvement of our products to meet those needs best. Conversion and repowering are currently issues of extreme importance. Our technical team makes every effort to customize our products and meet our customer's individual needs.

Why not minimize risks, and benefit from more than 30 years experience!

Double Membrane Biogas Storage | DMGS

The 3/4-spherical gas holder represents the traditional stand-alone external vessel with many volume choices of gas storage at high pressures. more

Double Membrane Gas Storage – Tank Mounted | DMGS TM

The versatile ¼-spherical to ¾-spherical gas storage solution which is installed directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, complementing the functionality of the tank. more

Biogas Roof single-layer | BGR I

The CENO biogas Roof is essentially mounted and sealed to be gas-tight, and manufactured as the BGD-1s model. more

Gas Bag

Gas bags can be manufactured in the shape of cylinders or angular cushions. This depressurized gas storage System is mounted inside buildings and/or steel or concrete tanks. more


Lagoons offer the most economical solution for storing substrates and Fermentation digestates. Various covering Solutions and accessories allow an optimal Management of the lagoon. more