Our competent, responsible and committed staff creates top products and services based on the know-how we have accumulated and developed over many decades.
We are a versitile and sustainable company- since 1875!
Our associate partners trust and value our expertise and efficiency.
We are acknowledged quality leaders in our field.

Research & development

Our research work focuses on the development of new and the improvement of existing products. When defining product properties, we always centre on the benefits and functionality  
for manufacturers and users – while also considering ecological aspects. Thus the design of environmentally compatible processes is an undisputed element of the research efforts undertaken by the SATTLER GROUP.

Over the decades, the SATTLER Group has built up a network together with European institutions, research centres, universities and colleges. The co-operation between our own Research and Development and external partners has led to fast and practice-oriented results.

Design & Construction

In the membrane solution area, our staff creates aesthetically ambitious and functional solutions. The feasibility of customer demands is our strenghth.

Project Management

The technical project planning is based on the know-how we have developed over many decades. Our sophisticated membrane structures result in maximum service life of the projects for our investors. We provide our customers with professional project management; we are reliable and meet deadlines.


The supervision and partial assembly of the biogas storage tanks and membrane structures ensure high quality level throughout the complete implementation of the project.


Our competent, responsible and committed staff creates top products and services based on the know-how we have accumulated and developed over many decades. Our value chain – from the yarn to the textile constructions - is unique.


We continuously develop our extensive portfolio of our innovation projects which includes: new products, new product properties, new manufacturing technologies, business processes, fabric design, design of membrane structures and communication technologies among others.


thinking highTEX expresses our outlook on quality: meeting our customers’ expectations concerning product properties and services on a permanent and on-going basis.
This is possible thanks to the experience and readiness of our staff. We undergo external auditing in accordance with ISO standards every year. These audits verify and guarantee the continuous implementation and further development of our quality management system leading to the increase of the customers’ satisfaction.
ISO Certifacte 9000:2015 ISO 9001:2015
ISO Certificate 14001:2015 ISO 14001:2015

Environmental awareness

The development of environmentally compatible work processes has long been an integral part of our strategy.

Customers’ proximity

We provide customer service and acquire new customers through our local sales staff.

Delivery reliability

We are proud of our ability to nearly always meet our delivery deadlines worldwide. At Sattler, logistics end with the transport but they begin much earlier with good planning.