CENO-TUBE - the flexible system for reliable flood protection

Those wishing to protect themselves from flooding must not leave it to chance...

Climate researchers around the world have agreed for a long time: Flood catastrophes, partially with devastating flooding of complete residential areas or sensitive habitat of the animal and plant world is becoming more frequent.
Therefore, effective flood protection is essential. The CENO-TUBE enables flood protection up to 2.60 m high in a very short time without additional transportation of material and using heavy-duty equipment.

In the event of a crisis, the hoses of the CENO-Tube are unrolled and immediately filled with the water present. Because of the low empty weight, quick transportation is possible, also in distant and remote areas.

Fields of application

The hose system provides efficient and frequently proven solutions for three different fields of application:

  • Flood protection
  • Drainage of construction sites and
  • Industrial retention of water
CENO-Tube - mobile dyke system