Biogas Storage - Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX GmbH

Reliable technologies and services that work perfectly together are the basis of any reliable biogas plant. With our wide array of products ranging from air-supported systems to pole-supported substrate coverings, we offer you the right solution for your needs. Our experienced staff can help you determine the ideal combination of different technologies, if required.

Our company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and thus meets even the highest requirements in all our products we offer.

Biogas Roof double-layer | BGR II

The pole-supported double-Shell biogas roof consists of an outer membrane and inner membrane which forms the biogas storage space. more

Gas Bag

Gas bags can be manufactured in the shape of cylinders or angular cushions. This depressurized gas storage System is mounted inside buildings and/or steel or concrete tanks. more

Double Membrane Gas Storage – Tank Mounted | DMGS TM

The versatile ¼-spherical to ¾-spherical gas storage solution which is installed directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, complementing the functionality of the tank. more

Double Membrane Biogas Storage | DMGS

The 3/4-spherical gas holder represents the traditional stand-alone external vessel with many volume choices of gas storage at high pressures. more