Double Membrane Biogas Storage | DMGS

The 3/4-spherical gas holder represents the traditional stand-alone external vessel with many volume choices of gas storage at high pressures.
The Sattler double membrane gas holder consists of a formative outer membrane and of an inner and a floor membrane forming the actual gas space. All membranes are produced in-house and thus ensure Maximum Quality. A permanently functioning supporting air blower Feeds air into the intermediary space between the inner and outer membranes, at a slight over-pressure. The supporting air enters via the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM. This Permits regular air intake across the entire construction height of the Sattler double Membrane gas holder.

In the standard configuration, a specially designed blower with a flat characteristic pressure curve combines high operational safety with Maximum profitability. The operating pressure in the double Membrane gas holder thus remains constant, regardless of the amount of gas taken in or flowing out.

The supporting air helps to hold the shape of the outer membrane. This enables the gas holder to withstand external loads, such as wind or snow. At the same time, the inner Membrane is also under slight pressure. This "operating pressure" serves to recirculate the Biogas stored in the plant.

The filling Level of the stored Biogas is measured either via ultrasonic measuring or using the rope length method. A purpose-designed inner Membrane ensures an ideal measurement Signal. This is key in ensuring productive Operation of the biogas holder.

All three membranes are durably mounted on the existing foundations using a gas-tight clamping ring. A hydraulic safety valve serves to prevent damage to the Sattler double membrane gas holder in the (hardly likely) event of overpressure occurring in the tank.

DMGS - Doppelmembran Gasspeicher
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Doublemembrane gasholder