Double Membrane Gas Storage – Tank Mounted | DMGS TM

The versatile ¼-spherical to ¾-spherical gas storage solution which is installed directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, complementing the functionality of the tank.
Tank-mounted double membrane gas holders consist of a formative outer membrane and of an inner membrane that hermetically seals the fermentation space (gas-tight seal). The pressure generated inside the intermediary space by a permanently functioning supporting air blower keeps up the outer membrane, such that the gas holder withstands all kinds of external loads. Much like the DMGS, this gas holder type also uses the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM. Both membranes are anchored to the crown or to the outer wall of the steel or concrete tank using clamping rails with a positive and non-positive fitting. The positive fitting is secured by a rope welded into the outer rim of the membrane.

A substructure prevents the inner membrane from plunging into the substrate and from being destroyed by agitators. The braces and central pole are designed to assume the required loads. We provide you with static calculations including proof upon request.

Doublemembrane gasholder tank mounted
Mounting device DMGS TM
double membrane gas holder tank mounted