High Silo Roof | HSR

The low-emission tank-top CENO high silo Roof (HSD), which is mounted directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, also prevents the Substrate or Fermentation residues from being rained on.
Whether concrete or steel tank: the CENO high silo roof is the ideal solution for low-emission, but not for gas-tight, tank covers in many biogas applications. The statically secured design and construction of the roof enables maximum resistance against wind and snow loads. Sattler Ceno Biogas's long-standing experience has influenced the design of the high silo roof. The roof has a characteristic shape that prevents it from pumping or fluttering in the wind. This lastly contributes to a profitable and safe Operation of the biogas plant. At the same time, this design reduces the load on the membrane material and contributes to a Long Service life of the CENO high silo roof.

A central pole ensures the required prestrain of the high silo roof and carries external loads such as wind and snow.

This Feature also prevents the Emission of biogas, and the CENO high silo roof is thus an important environmental benefit. The roof also supports our clients in the profitable and optimised running of the plant. The cover prevents the stored slurry from being watered down, thus increasing the Nitrogen content, hence its fertilizing qualities. The use of Mineral fertilisers can therefore be widely reduced. Another Advantage of a more concentrated slurry is the larger storage capacity of your silo.

The CENO high silo roof is a convincing solution both in agriculture and in industrial Biogas applications, due to its sophisticated design and versatile use.