Lagoons offer the most economical solution for storing substrates and Fermentation digestates. Various covering Solutions and accessories allow an optimal Management of the lagoon.
The need for large-volume storage capacities has increased, in particular in the field of biogas plant construction. Silage lagoons are highly customizable in shape, form and operation to meet specific needs and local conditions. Where an additional reduction of emissions is required, you may wish to use our thoroughly tried and tested floating cover. In addition Ceno – a novelty – has silage lagoons with integrated high-volume gas holders. These are used as post-fermenters and/or as storage for fermenter residues in the construction of new or the conversion of existing lagoons. Special service and operating platforms ensure their optimal use.

Fore more than two decades now Ceno has been specializing in the construction of silage lagoons for liquid manure and holds the general technical inspectorate approval in accordance with JGS (slurry, liquid manure, liquid silage residues) requirements. Due to the premium material and up-to-date manufacturing and welding techniques, hundreds of Ceno silage lagoons are now in use to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

Cover lagoon
use bridge lagoon
piping system lagoon

Beet pulp silage lagoons

We have added a special type of silage lagoon to our portfolio over the years, namely for the storage of beet pulp. In this case, the substrate consists of mashed beetroot. Polyethylene (PE) sealing panels are arranged in a special manner to ensure that the substrate can be discharged at a special outlet point.

We also offer an ideal solution for the discharge. CENO's purpose-designed pump trolley easily moves across the bank of the silage lagoon. The pump mounted on the trolley permits automatic substrate withdrawal and the feeding of fermenters.

Rübenmus Silagebecken
Sugarbeet feed
pulp pump
sugar beet lagoon