Data Privacy Protection Statement for the Sattler Design Selector

This is to inform you that Sattler AG logs the page views from the Sattler Design Selector via a JavaScript-based open source tool and analyses the logged data in-house for marketing research purposes. This system is proprietary to Sattler AG, meaning that the logged data is neither transferred nor made accessible to third parties. In addition, your personal data such as your IP address is pseudonymized before the data is stored.

To recognize a user returning to our website, we use cookies saved on your computer. Cookies contain textual information to be transferred at every page view to the relevant web server. You may bypass this process using an opt-out cookie named “piwik_ignore”. After setting this cookie, your future visits will be ignored and no longer logged. To add this option to your web browser for the next two years, please click the following link: By re-clicking this link, the previously set cookie will be deleted and your visits will be logged again.