Biogas membranes with Know-How

With more than 30 years of experience the company Sattler is part of the pioneers in the biogas industry. Membranes of the Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH are applied as biogas tanks, biogas roofs, biogas bags or silo roofs. Manufacturers and users profit from the high functionality, product reliability and efficiency.

Special requirements call for special solutions

Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes are so called MLCs (Multi-Layer-Composites) whose components and construction design are adjusted to the function. Biogas membranes of PVC coated tarpaulins are characterised by their minimized methane permeability and high chemical resistance.

The structural core of the membrane consists of high-strength polyester yarns which carry the static forces of a construction. It is followed by multi-layers of PVC coating especially developed for Biogas. The surface is sealed only with a stop out lacquer.

The result is the least possible typical biogas permeation for Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes, a high resistance to aggressive substances in biogas and condensate as well as weathering resistance and durability.

Sattler PRO-TEX Biogas Membranes – a brand product

Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes are easily recognisable because of their embossing and are available in different strengths with or without FR finish.


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