Textiles for special applications

Textiles are part of nearly all our areas of life, where they should fulfil a certain function. Among these fabrics there are allrounders, which can be used for a variety of different applications but also specialists with defined characteristics for a special application. Thus, also in the portfolio of the Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH besides allrounders, specialists can be found in the range Functional.

For some of the following applications, the material has to fulfill certain requirements as good digital printability, special colors for camouflage, smooth rolling characteristics or an elegant or anti-slip surface.

Material development according to applications

If your application is not yet part of our portfolio, please contact us. We will check if we already have a corresponding material in our portfolio or if we can produce it according to your demands.

Furthermore, you can search for textiles based on particular product characteristics with our Fabric Selector.



Frontlit membranes for digital advertising print

Blockout membranes for digital advertising print

Protection cloths for rotary mowers according to ISO 17103 and EN 745

Military tarpaulins

Membranes for high-speed doors

Tarpaulins for swimming pool covers

Textiles for gym mats

Tarpaulins for weather protection