Halls & Tents

Sattler PRO-TEX Halls & Tents membranes –
function and diversity

Modern materials for classic applications

For more than 140 years the company Sattler is working with outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods against weathering. Tents and textile hall constructions are light-weight, partly mobile protection and industrial buildings for versatile use. Since ancient times this function remained the same but of course the materials in use changed.

With the collection “Halls & Tents” Sattler PRO-TEX provides an extensive product portfolio of high-functional, coated fabrics with modern characteristics which take technical requirements for different applications into account.

Product characteristics adapted for applications

The fields of application range from classic event tents, sport halls and industrial warehouses to applications for sun protection or circus tents. Thus also the product specification varies depending on the application.

Below you can find some product characteristics which are relevant for specific applications:

Flame-retardant properties

Regulations regarding the burning behavior of the used materials exist for many types of buildings. For this reason, PVC membranes of the range “Halls & Tents” are realised with flame-retardant properties.For the classification of the flame retardancy of a membrane at EU level the transnational norm EN 13501-1 has established. The advantage is obvious: With one certificate projects of all EU member states can be handled. Furthermore, the European norm is already accepted in many non-European countries. For a good reason because not only does the norm evaluate the property of flame retardancy but it also provides information about the smoke development and dropping behavior of the material. Besides, some products also comply with country-specific test standards.

Surface sealing

No matter if event tent, industrial hall or sun protection – the membrane should keep its appearance for a long time. The surface sealing with acrylic or PVDF lacquer on both sides ensures easy cleaning of the membrane. Furthermore, Sattler PRO-TEX architecture membranes are protected against algae and mould infestation with biocidal substances of the latest generation.
In case microorganisms adhere despite the surface sealing, the biocidal protection prevents the growth of microorganisms. Products from Sattler PRO-TEX fulfil all requirements of the REACh regulation regarding the chemicals in use and thus guarantee a high functionality and at the same time application security.


For demanding applications the use of yarns with low-wick finish is recommended. Water can penetrate over cutting edges or damages into coated textiles of common polyester multifilament yarns and spread over a large area. Dirt and microorganisms cause irreversible impurities which have a negative influence on the aesthetics of coated textiles.

The system low-wick is a yarn treatment which restricts microorganisms from penetrating into the inside of the coated textile. If the polyester multifilament yarns have a low-wick finish, they prevent water from penetrating into the textile. Negative influences on functionality and optics are avoided on the long term. Besides regular cleaning, the surface sealing on both sides with acrylic or PVDF lacquer contributes to a long-lasting beautiful appearance.


UV, weather and cold resistance

The use of high-quality components ensures an excellent UV, weather and cold resistance. The performance of the membranes is constantly monitored with artificial and natural weathering as well as standardized external test methods. Cold resistances up to -45°C ensure that the textiles remain flexible also at low temperatures and simplify the handling.

Membranen "Made in Austria"

All PVC-coated products of the Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH are „made in Austria“. The weaving of the polyester base fabric as well as the coating and lacquering process are conducted in-house. Long-term experience, continuous development as well as quality awareness of all employees characterise the products from Sattler PRO-TEX. In the end, certified management systems for quality and environment according to ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 are the external characteristics for this quality-focused work.


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Hangars  more
Air-supported halls more
Event tents more
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Inner membranes for multi layered large tents and (air-supported) halls more
Circus tents more
Sun protection, PVC-awning, pergola more
Light-weight textile architecture more
Tents /membrane walls with heat and sound insulation more
Highly-translucent membrane elements more
Facade coverings more
Light-proof tents/tent roofs more
Dividing curtains with FR finish more
Truck tarpaulins, cover tarpaulins with FR requirement more
Cotton tents, tipis, yurts more
Ceiling covering for exhibition booths more