Sattler PRO-TEX – architecture with membranes

Membrane constructions – old but also very new!

For more than 140 years the company Sattler is dealing with Outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods from weather influences. In human history, textiles play a central role over millennia when it comes to housing. During the process of settling down, solid building materials established and textiles were pushed into the background. For a long time textiles played a tangential role in architecture apart from large tents and in the domain of sun- and weathering protection. Since the middle of the 20th century, the development of new materials and production processes combined with innovative and pioneer spirit lead to a renaissance of textiles in architecture..

New shapes with function

From the beginning PVC coated textiles play a central role in this development. High light transmission, flexibility as well as a lighter surface weight and at the same time high tensile strengths offer a new dimension in shaping and structures. The discipline of textile architecture unites modern design with function in a unique way and allows a resource-friendly material use at the same time.

Architecture membranes are not only a crucial design element but are part of the overall construction because of the installed pre-tension. In connection with supporting structures as cable structures and steel structures there is an unlimited multiplicity for the construction of curved surfaces with membranes.

Standard and special versions

With the collection „Structures“ Sattler PRO-TEX has an extensive product portfolio of high-quality and functional architecture membranes for this demanding application field. Apart from common standard qualities, we also offer special productions related to projects.

Fabric Features