Complan® – made by Sattler PRO-TEX!

Complan as the quality standard
Complan has set the quality standard for truck tarpaulins  for over 40 years. Through the use of high quality raw materials from the yarn to the colour pigment, these brand products are characterized by optimal functionality, durability and best processability. Complan articles can be identified by the embossed Complan seal – with our name we guarantee quality!

With Complan to the XL-Code


In transport business everything is primarily about efficiency and reliability. New developments of truck structures aim to provide lighter weight, easier operability and more security.

The complex issue of load securing is relevant for tarpaulins as the membrane has to take over a part of securing as truck structures are getting lighter. Complan qualities fulfill these requirements for the membrane according to DIN EN 12641-1 for classic or DIN EN 12641-2 for Side-Curtain systems. In connection with further suitable components and processing according to standards, Complan tarpaulins are the perfect choice to fulfill the XL-Code.

Complan as advertising space
No matter what structure system serves as base, the membrane will always shape the appearance of the tarped-off truck. Complan branded products ensure a flawless appearance with a long-lasting good look. Truck tarpaulins act as business cards of a company and serve as advertising space.

Simple lettering and logos are often replaced by digitally printed motives. With the Complan Digital Series, Sattler PRO-TEX offers an optimal printable medium for the domain of truck tarpaulins. Complan Digital products absorb solvent as well as UV based printing inks and enable best graphical solutions. With Complan Digital as base, careful selection of suitable printing inks, printers and a top coat, which protects from dirt and abrasion, a truck tarpaulin turns into an eye-catcher and successful advertising media!

Work facilitation with Complan
Loading and unloading needs to take place as soon and easy as possible. Innovative truck structures enable the driver to open and close the loading easily. High-quality components in Complan products contribute to an easy handling as in comparison to other tarpaulins in the market, they remain smooth and flexible also at low temperatures.

Polyplan Transport – reliability and efficiency


Besides Complan, for many years the products of the Polyplan series are among the most popular articles in the transport segment. They are characterised by high reliability and efficiency and cover a wide range of applications from classic truck tarpaulins to weather protections.

Polyplan Transport sliding roof membrane

With the article Polyplan Truck HPT a product which was developed especially for sliding roofs is available. In comparison with conventional materials on the market it allows to open and close the roof system without effort.

Polyplan Transport – efficiency in every way!