A simple and accurate way towards the perfect premium shade with the new Sattler Design Selector.

Sattler surprises with the newly developed innovative Design Selector. By embedding the Design Selector into your own website it supports your sales meetings by helping the customers to visualize the designs.

It`s not very easy to find the perfect awning fabric because there are a lot of designs and qualities. The new Sattler Design Selector simplifies the search for the perfect design because it convinces with its easy-to-use interface and responses to different needs. For optimal assessment, the various awning fabrics are matched with various house types and façade colors. This helps to get a first impression on how the awning might look when assembled in place.

Furthermore there are different view selections available.
By choosing the awning/ overall-view the fabric can be viewed from further away, this presentation brings the awning fabric to full advantage. With the awning/ close-up view a closer look can be taken at the fabric and with the fabric/ close-up it seems as if the textile is within reach.

If a customer likes a fabric a lot it can be put onto the favorites. Once the decision is made, the favorite selection can be printed very easily by using the provided function and subsequently be advised by a specialized dealer.

Integration into your website – Use all the advantages

The Sattler Design Selector can be embedded with just a few clicks completely free of charge into your own website to increase the number of visits to your website and to offer your customers a very special service. The integration is very easy and there is no ongoing maintenance required - updates are automatic.
The Design Selector is rightly regarded as an attractive tool to select the perfect quality because the designs can be filtered by selecting color range, design line and special product properties. With these user-friendly features it supports every specialized dealer in personal sales meetings and creation of offers.

This tool runs capable on computers and on portable devices, which simplifies the presentation in specialized stores.

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