The quality of the fiber is crucial in terms of fading resistance. Outdura® fabrics are made from solution-dyed branded acrylic. This means that the color pigments are in the fiber and not only on the surface, thus the fabrics have a better color fastness and the colors shine for a longer period of time.

Color fastness through and through.

Solution-dyed acrylic: Similar to a carotte the color pigments are throughout the fiber.

Yarn dyed fiber: Color pigments are only on the surface of the fiber like a radish for example.


Quality in every fiber

Facts that speak for themselves:
  • Bright colors with a high luminosity
  • 100% solution-dyed branded acrylic
  • Colors do not fade away, they shine for many years.
  • Highest UV resistance, and thus no solidity loss
  • Outstanding dirt and water repellency
  • Pleasant textile feeling
  • Breathable