ACRYLIC. Best outdoor fiber.

Quality in every fiber.

Our premium awning fabrics are made from 100% spun-dyed branded acrylic and guarantee top-level functionality.
• Intense color brilliance
• Colours remain bright and luminous for many years
• High UV fastness, and thus no solidity loss
• Best weather-proof outdoor fiber
• Outstanding dirt and water repellency
• Pleasant textile feeling
• Breathable
• Easy installation and cloth change
Spun-dyed acrylic

guarantees optimum weather and light fastness

acrylic fiber
The difference between spun-dyed and yarn-dyed acrylic can easily be shown with daily life examples.
Spun-dyed acrylic:
The pigments are embedded in the fiber.
Yarn-dyed fiber:
The pigments are bonded to the surface of the fiber.