Among our canvas range, you will find fabrics made of materials such as cotton and linen in different weaves and weight classes.
We weave, dye and apply the corresponding finishing fulfilling all requirements in terms of properties.


Art. 804 Solution-Tex Cotton Heavy

Heavy cotton fabric for following uses:

Tipi- and yurt tents, seat upholsteries, asphalt covers (heat storage), covers for vintage, sailing and desert boots (German army), folding chairs, diverse covers, protection covers for leader upholstered furniture, etc.

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Art. 50V Solution-Tex Cotton Medium

Cotton fabric for following uses:

Folding boats, historical tents, side-walls for tents, circus tents, tipis, traditional bags and purses, different covers, etc.

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Art. 547 Cotton Hiking

Cotton fabric in plain weave for following uses:

Side walls for yurts, market stalls, backpacks and bags, umbrella fabrics, parachute bags for the German army, upholstery fabrics, etc.

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Art. 53R Cotton Cover

Cotton fabric in twill weave for following uses:

Horse covers, sheaths, transport cases, cleaning cloths for mangle troughs, diverse covers, etc.

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Art. 561 Cotton Light

Light cotton fabric for following uses:

Red-cross interior tents, light side walls for tents, backpacks, light umbrella fabrics, sailing boot flaps for the German army, different bags for equipment components (screws), upholstery fabrics, light fabrics for bags, etc.

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Natural Fabrics Art. 801, 901, 81T, 54A, 52R

Cotton and linen fabrics for following uses:

Linings for upholstered furniture, impression fabrics, fabrics for bags, underside fabrics for sofas for the furniture industry, theater backdrops, canvas for paintings, linen cushions, etc.

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Welding Fabrics Art. 52G, 51N, 548, 51U

Welding protection fabrics in plain and twill weave for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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Shooting Jacket Fabrics Art. 54D, 57M

Cotton fabrics for shooting jackets and trousers. 


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