Lumera | Landscape

Rosopsida 338 657
Rapeseed fields resemble a yellow sea and remind us of summer! We captured this mood for you in our design „Rosopsida“.
Chott 338 656
Salt lakes – dry in summer and waterbearing in winter are reflected in this extremely light pattern.
golden crops
Golden Crops 338 667
Grainfields softly dandling in the sun provided the inspiration for this wonderful pattern.
Ladakh 338 655
A rocky desert at dizzying heights between the Himalayas and Karakorum influenced this design.
Gobi 338 658
Traces of bizarre red rock formations can be found in this great pattern
Vulcano 338 665
Magma emerges on the surface and leaves fertile soil. These ash-coloured, almost black structures are characteristic of our design “Vulcano“.
Beach 338 662
Gentle movements of the waves on a beach convey the feeling of peace and relaxation. This atmosphere was captured in our design “Beach“.
Taiga 338 660
This design brings the vivid green of the world‘s northernmost vegetation zone directly to your home.
Sahara 338 639
Endless sand dunes with changing shades of colours are the basis for this harmonious pattern.
Forest 338 661
The luscious green of the forest provides a feeling of deep tranquillity. This design brings this atmosphere to your home.
Namib 338 640
Namib, the world´s oldest desert is the inspiration for our corresponding design.
Pacific 338 659
Enjoy the relaxing feeling of the world´s largest and deepest ocean also known as the Silent Ocean.