Protect values, create atmosphere and this all with a highTEX Quality!

Sattler SUN-TEX sun protection fabrics meet the highest demands since 1875. All our high quality awning fabrics manufactured in our production facilities in Thondorf and Rudersdorf are „made in Austria“.

The family-run company Sattler SUN-TEX, now in its fifth generation, ranks among the top manufacturers of sun protection fabrics worldwide.

Besides the demand to develop perfect fabrics for outdoor use and for new applications, our aim is clearly to manufacture products in a sustainable way and to use available resources wisely.

Textiles made by Sattler SUN-TEX are used in all areas where the best outdoor fibers with long lasting properties are required.

Sattler SUN-TEX aim is to provide the best. Therefore, spun-dyed branded acrylic is the ultimate choice. Spun-dyed acrylic means that pigments are embedded in the fiber during the beginning of the production process. Only this way we can guarantee that the colors remain bright for many years due to their high UV fastness.

Acrylic offers a great durability in terms of technical properties since they remain the same throughout the years and are therefore the best choice for outdoor use.
Textiles made by Sattler SUN-TEX are utilized as sunshade, for privacy and anti-glare protection and for umbrellas.

Our fabrics can also be used for marine applications. Be it summer or winter covers, our fabrics meet the most demanding requirements of our branch.

Furthermore, Sattler SUN-TEX offers a wide range for the upholstery and casual furniture industry with the most attractive designs.

Moreover, our assortment includes qualities with special properties like flame retardancy, outstanding water repellency among other special features.
Our goal is to ensure the highest quality and most modern standards for our customers. Therefore, certification according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and to the environment management standard ISO 14001:2004 are a must for us.