Sattler technical textiles meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, reliability, durability and ecological responsibility. Our trademark SOLUTION-TEX offers textile solutions for different areas such as canvas, military, filters, food and special fabrics.


Canvas related products include materials such as cotton and linen fabrics in different weaves and weight classes. The uses range from fabrics for traditional tents, yurts, asphalt covers, backpacks and bags to welding protection umbrella canvas.


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The production of military protective textiles is one of Sattler’s traditional fields.

We are qualified to fulfil technical delivery conditions and specifications, such as flame retardancy and IR remission in the respectively valid military standards.

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The SOLUTION-TEX filter area of expertise offers filter fabrics made of cotton, polyester, polyamide 6.6, polyester/viscose and polypropylene.

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Sattler food related products range from conveyor belts to proofing clothes in bakeries.

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SOLUTION-TEX also offers a wide selection of different special fabrics, as well as rubberized and anti-static fabrics.


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