Highest well-being factor with optimum sun protection!

An appropriate sun protection  and yet getting enough daylight into the room, Twilight makes it possible.Used in combination with a conventional double glazing, the complete color spectrum can enter the room -  unlike to the use of heat protection glazing or foils.  This way light is not distorted and the well-being indoors is guaranteed. 

Twilight as privacy and glare protection
In case of bright sunshine all Twilight qualities offer excellent glare protection certified according to standards.  Who wants the whole world outside to suddenly disappear when rolling down the sun protection blinds? Our Twilight fabrics do not leave the landscape outside since the  contact to the exterior is given. Sun protection with transparency - made by Sattler. 
PVC-free and environment friendly
Not using PVC is the main focus during the development of our Twilight collection. No plastizicers are used on our products and the fabrics are also odorless and therefore suitable to be used in in- and outdoor spaces. Combined with doble glazing many Twilight qualities let less than 10% of the sunheat through thus saving energy and protecting the environment.
Biostatic finish – patented and exclusive for Sattler use
Biostatic finish – patented and exclusive for Sattler use
A completely new path is being forged with the finish of the Twilight qualities: the biostatic coating of our Twilight fabrics prevents microorganisms from attaching to the surface. It neither washes off,  nor deteriorates  and  is completely harmless for people and animals.  Sattler’s ecological solution keeps your Twilight fabrics in a good condition  and makes them last longer!
Utmust modern color design for any architectural style
Utmust modern color design for any architectural style:
The color range of our PEARL quality was matched to modern architectural colors in cooperation with color psychologists. Harmonious nuances in trendy colors add the perfect touch. METAL – available in four colors, silver, gold, nickel and platinum coated with brilliant metal particles – anabsolute visual highlight for any façade. SPACE is Sattler’s quality with an aluminum coating on the outer side – in proper style through and through.
Guaranteed durability
Guaranteed durability
Due to the excellent light and weather fastness of all our qualities and if used properly, you can enjoy our Twilight fabrics for many years.Sattler offers a 5-year-guarantee  against excessive loss of protective capability of sun-privacy and glare protection fabrics of the Twilight range. For more details, please read Sattler’s Twilight guarantee conditions.