With Outdura® fabrics, umbrellas become real eye catchers in the outdoor area.

Particularly umbrellas are exposed to permanent sun radiation. The quality of the fiber is crucial in terms of fading resistance. Outdura® fabrics are made from solution-dyed branded acrylic. This means that the color pigments are in the fiber and not only on the surface, thus the fabrics have a better color fastness and the colors shine for a longer period of time.

Certified UV-Standards

The exposure to UV-radiation has increased significantly during the last years. What many do not know: when you choose an Outdura® umbrella fabric you are choosing at the same time a high UV-protection fabric. Outdura® umbrella fabrics are certified according to the worldwide best measurement standard: the UV-Standard 801. With a UV protection factor 40, 97.5% of the radiation can be reflected and absorbed.

The wide range of our umbrella fabrics extends from bright to discreet tones. Here you will find an overview of our umbrella fabrics collection - these fabrics are first choice for sun protection, also for applications in the hospitality area.

The indicated UV protection factor is provided through the strictest measurement procedure worldwide: Simulation of real situations under the most extreme weather conditions like radiation intensity of the Australian sun.