Awnings are symbols of life and interaction.

(quote from Dr. Leonhard Oberascher)
URBAN DESIGN - New patterns and colours from Sattler

The new colors and designs were developed by Urban Design mainly for the urban space.

They are above all intended for upmarket businesses, hotels, restaurants and international brands that, in choosing their awnings, strive to combine communication, advertising and image with top-level architectural design.

The new design line “Urban Microstripes” by SATTLER is based on subdued colors, which on the one hand perfectly harmonize with various façade types – also historic façades – and on the other hand are printable, for lettering and company logos.

What’s so special about this new design is that the traditional uni-colored fabrics will be replaced by “microstripes” with their unique texture.

These fine ton-sur-ton differences lend the fabrics additional value and elegance.

In addition, the material is less prone to soiling, a major advantage in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability.


Dr. Leonhard Oberascher

Shaded by sophisticated textures

When roaming freely in our urban space, we have a number of fixed orientation points by which we navigate. These different reference points are also the base for our color themes.

SATTLER has identified four thematic groups in the urban surroundings, which can be matched with special colour variations.

Wall | Sky | Park | Lights


Shaded by sophisticated textures - microstripes

When we look around us within the urban space, we see walls and building façades. more
When we look upwards, we perceive the sky with its various shades of blue. more
In other surroundings, like between buildings, we discover free zones or parks. more
During the day, our environment is lit by the sun and in the evening and at night, street lamps and illuminated windows light up the urban scene. more