Lumera – The brilliant way to revolutionize acrylic.

Summer has clearly been a long time coming this year and as a result, the season in the sun protection sector has started late for many businesses. Despite these difficult weather conditions Lumera has proven to be the absolute sales success at Sattler.

The best quality prevails even in difficult business phases. Lumera stands for excellent properties thanks to the CBA yarn (Clean Brillant Acrylic) and the response to this unique product is extremely positive.

The CBA yarn is an own developed multifilament acrylic fibre which is especially smooth. Due to this property the fabric has an extremely dense surface which ultimately prevents dirt from adhering. As a result, colors shine longer and more intensively. Moreover, the fabric is extremely water repellent generating a self-cleaning effect which ensures a long life of the product.

Test winner

These properties have been proven in an independent comparison: the Austrian Institute for Ecology, Technics and Innovation (OeTI) confirms the outstanding properties of Lumera fabrics. This test shows that up to 50% less dirt adheres to Lumera fabrics in comparison to conventional awning fabrics. Furthermore, this new product offers an extremely high light and weather fastness and an overall harmonious image.

Our product range includes the Landscape designs which range from
delicate tones to brilliant colors. The colors remind of deep blue oceans, wide sand beaches, or huge green woods.

The Lumera Landscape designs are inspired by nature and are capable of perfectly adapting themselves to their environment. For this reason, these everlasting designs never go out of fashion.

High-quality acrylic

Recently there have been many discussions about the properties of acrylic. This question, however, does not arise for Sattler. „With Lumera we have created a complete new product and thus we will rely in the future on our high quality acrylic” underlines Mr. Freiler, Division manager of technology, production and logistics SUN-TEX Sattler AG.

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