Sattler’s new elements Collection

„Thinking highTEX“ an engagement with tradition - Sattler’s new elements Collection is available since the beginning of 2013.
The collection, which embraces all the new designs as well as the „Urban Design“ range, was launched at the international customer’s event in St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee on September 2012.  

In addition to its popular color creations, Sattler’s new collection surprised with an innovative line of designs specially developed for urban areas: Urban Design. At first glance, the designs resemble our solids but if you have a closer look you will discover delicate structures which form microstripes. The microstripes confer elegance and depth to the fabrics and are suitable for different types of façades. They are also easy to print and are a high quality advertising surface.  

All the products comprised in the collection are free of PVC, 100% woven with solution-dyed branded acrylic and are produced under strict quality controls in order to comply with the highest standards. Among our awning fabrics you will find Sunprint, which is also as easy to print as Urban Design.  Firemaster® Plus was specially developed for high standards in both the construction and the gastronomy sectors and complies with the fire safety standards ÖNorm A-3800-1 and DIN Norm 4102-1 B1.

Additionally, the collection includes other special products such as Panama, Reflect and Reflect Air. Panama is a highly tensile and stable material that withstands exceptional loads such as strong wind or extreme weather conditions. For this reason it is particularly suitable for large-sized awnings and market umbrellas. Reflect offers optimal heat and UV protection and is especially suitable for winter garden and terrace awning. The fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed branded acrylic and is supplemented by a highly reflective weather-resistant coating which blocks up to 8 times more the sun radiation than comparable products ensuring at the same time maximum UV protection.    

Sun protection with perspective  

Our fabric is also available in a perforated version. It offers the all the high quality properties of Reflect and additionally optimal transparency and glare protection due to the uniform perforated surface of Reflect Air reducing the accumulated heat. Several tests have proved that both Reflect and Reflect air also reduce the temperature up to 50°F when the temperature in the outside is very high.  

Both products are particularly suitable for vertical systems and their surface gloss provides an elegant appearance. With its high-tech products Sattler fulfills the quality promise to achieve premium quality and meets at the same time a wide range of demands.

The launch of the new collection – a first class event  

The collection was launched in the prestigious event hotel Scalaria in St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee and left lasting impressions among our customers. Almost 200 guests from around the world enjoyed the varied entertainment program and were able to become more familiar in advance with the new elements collection. „Impressive “and „breath taking“, these were some of the adjectives used by our customers to describe the collection after the event.

The program left no wishes unfulfilled and was a perfect combination between both technical information, outdoor activities and entertainment with the outstanding performance of different artists around the topic „Circus, Circus“. Sattler’s employees accompanied the customers during the complete event and provided further information regarding the collection and our premium quality Lumera.      

A weekend dedicated to the new designs of the elements collection which proved once more that the communication between the Sattler and its customers is a key element in the company’s philosophy.  

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