Twilight PEARL - Color plays increasingly a key role in the creative design of façades.
Through the use of color as an element, every building is charged emotionally and the architecture becomes even more tangible.The new Twilight PEARL collection is the optimal product for high demands.In cooperation with an architects color consulting team , we  developed  our color range and paired it with the most diverse applications. Color on façades are a usual practice - why not on shadings?Thanks to Sattler's PVC-free qualities we can also match  indoor shading systems to the environment. Everybody has got their own style - which is yours? 
 293 010
 293 070
 293 075
 297 P70
 291 A70
 291 A75
Pearl 283 | 297 COLOR
Architecture increasingly pays attention to colours in the artistic sense. By the use of colours it becomes possible to experience buildings emotionally. Thus architecture and colour create a bond.
 283/297 737
 283/297 115
 283/297 127
 283/297 747
 283/297 857
 283/297 684
 283/297 525
  283/297 853
 283/297 402
 283/297 671
 283/297 501
This newly developed article is of course FR according to DIN 4102 B1 and offers excellent optical values. On the one hand it guarantees a nice visibility to the outside, while offering sufficient glare protection and contributing to the cooling of the rooms on the other hand.

Matching current colour- and design trends from various areas, this fabric excels by its colours. Besides traditional grey shades, new lively and trendy colours were added to the range.
This new article does not contain any PVC and is odourless. it is available in two different light-transmission levels.

• for outdoor- and indoor use
• flame-retardant
• two different light-transmission levels
• weather-fast
• PVC-free
• dimensional stability
• TEXGARD easyclean finish