Urban Design – Awning fabrics for the urban space.

Park, Lights, Wall and Sky – that promising sound the different color groups of Urban Design. The new colors and designs were developed mainly for the urban space and fit perfectly with the architectural diversity of the urban environment.

What’s so special about these new designs is that they are characterized not only by their high quality material properties, they are especially distinguished by their unique texture. With these textures the traditional uni-colored fabrics will be replaced by “microstripes”.These fine ton-sur-ton differences lend the fabrics additional value and elegance. In addition, the material is less prone to soiling, a major advantage in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability.

The qualities are printable to serve as advertising space and are above all intended for upmarket businesses, hotels, restaurants and international brands that, in choosing their awnings, strive to combine communication, advertising and image with top-level architectural design.
So they are ideal for the urban space.

Urban Design are divided into four color themes: Light, Park, Wall and Sky. Light reminiscent of the sun of a beautiful day, which invites you to take a rest. Park reminds on the lush green of a wide park, where you would like to take a long walk. Wall reflects different architectural color spaces of facades and skyscrapers and when you see the different designs of the color theme Sky you think about the sky with its various shades of blue.

The color themes of Urban Design are therefore reflections of the different spaces of a city.

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Urban Design