We have revolutionized acrylic!


What is a CBA fiber?

The name stands for ‘Clean Brilliant Acrylic’ and summarizes the advantages of this special yarn, which, as opposed to conventional materials, is completely smooth. It is woven into a fabric with an extremely dense, smooth surface, which virtually prevents dirt from adhering. As a result, its colors shine longer and more intensively. Moreover, the material offers all advantages of the existing standard in the area of outdoor fabrics, such as UV and glare protection, light and weather fastness, and water and soil repellence.

When used as a weft yarn in Lumera fabrics the CBA fiber provides the following characteristics:

  • Extremely dense, smooth surface
  • Prevents accumulation of dirt and contaminants
  • Colors shine longer and more intensely
  • One third higher water repellency rating
  • Denser, more solid appearance under transmitted light