The natural way to save energy.

Ideally positioned, awning fabrics reduce warmth in your home in summer. This enables a reduction of energy consumption for your air conditioner by more than 80%. You not only feel better, you also save energy – for true wellbeing in your own home.

Measuring the energy saver effect:

In a field test, three office premises were differently equipped: the first room with air-conditioning in non-stop operation, the second with a textile sun protection and the third with air-conditioning and sun protection. The test revealed that it is possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 83% when using an awning in addition to the air-conditioner. It is even possible to do without any air-conditioning system completely and still create a much more pleasant room climate.

  • Reduce energy costs for air-conditioning
  • Wellbeing due to less warming of your rooms
  • Your personal contribution to environmental protection
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