Outdura performance fabrics are used by marine fabricators and manufacturers of outdoor furniture, umbrellas, cushions, awnings and canopies. There is nothing better than Outdura for these uses. This 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fabric is strong and durable enough to withstand years of exposure on land or on water. Outdura repels water and, if kept clean, will not mildew.
Outdura Trio®
Outdura Trio® sets a new standard in marine fabrics. It is the only marine fabric that is both breathable and 100% waterproof. No other marine fabric can do what Trio® can do…..none! more >>>
60" Marine Fabrics
Outdura marine fabric is a full 9 oz per square yard and comes in 45 solid and tweed colors. It is offered in 60" width.

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