Can I purchase Outdura directly?
Outdura sells directly to manufacturers, distributors, jobbers and fabric retailers, not to the end consumer. If you are interested in buying an Outdura fabric, please call 1.866.OUTDURA or email info@outdura.com . A member of the Outdura team will provide you with contact information for a resource closest to you.

What is Solution Dyed Acrylic/SDA?
Solution Dyed Acrylic is made when the coloring pigment and UV stabilizers are infused into the fiber (solution) while it is in a liquid or viscous state. Solution dying imparts pigment throughout the fiber instead of only on the surface as in most dye processes. SDA has low moisture absorbency and dries quickly. SDA is also resistant to the degrading effects of ultraviolent sunlight and to actions of many chemicals and fumes. From SDA fiber, SDA yarn is made for weaving which is in both the warp and filling for all Outdura products.

Is Outdura waterproof?
Outdura is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. Over time, normal wear, usage and cleaning will reduce the effectiveness of the water resistant finish that we apply during manufacturing. If water resistancy becomes an issue after repeated normal use and cleaning, a speciality product may be used to retreat your Outdura fabric. Water resistancy treatments are available for purchase at most furniture retail stores, as well as awning and marine supply stores.

Does Outdura provide a UPF-rated sun protection?
Yes, with Outdura you are protected in excess of UPF 50. This means you can stay outside in the sun 50 times longer without burning than if you had no protection at all. The UV Protection Factor (UPF) for Outdura is 50+ which is as high as the rating goes and more than three times as high as the minimum recommended by cancer groups.

Will Outdura fabrics mildew?
If kept clean, Outdura fabrics will not mildew. Unlike natural fibers, the characteristics of solution dyed acrylic fibers will not support the growth of mildew. However, mildew can and will grow on any surface that is dirty , so it is recommended that you keep your Outdura fabric clean.

How often should Outdura fabric be cleaned?
Outdura fabric should be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive dirt from accumulating. Simply brush off any loose dirt and rinse with lukewarm water. To clean, use a solution of lukewarm water (not exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and a mild natural soap such as Lux or Ivory. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess soap. For more difficult stains, please refer to our care and cleaning chart for treatment.