LUMERA 3D Surface - The awning fabric with the tangible difference.

LUMERA 3D Surface immerses us into the three-dimensional World of the Sattler fabrics.
Through the use of yarns with various surface compositions, we have not only managed to achieve an optical 3D-effect, but also a haptic one.

Sattler’s LUMERA 3D Surface is a fabric that allows us to see and grasp its STRUCTURE.

The color range results from many years of work on the development of its concept coupled with color trends from all areas of our ‘LIVING SPACE’.

Monochrome color spectrums close to those of nature are increasing in popularity – creating natural colors in earthy, stone or metallic tones.
Surfaces such as gold, chrome, chalk, marble, granite, slate from mines, quarries, salt mines, etc. as well as from the reprocessing industries deliver more than enough materials to serve this new vibration of color.