Reduce the UV load to your skin by up to 99%

In recent years, UV radiation has considerably increased.

Not only is sunlight good for our well-being - it helps our body to form Vitamin D which is important for our bone structure. Unfortunately, the ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are potentially stressful and harmfull to our skin. Sunburns, premature skin aging and skin cancer are consequences of intensive, unprotected sunbaths.

What many of us ignore: we are also exposed to UV radiation in the shade.

Unfortunately it is a common misbelieve that all shades are the same and every textile protects in the same way. Only using suitable fabrics and a good construction can guarantee best protection. By simply touching and looking at a fabric it is impossible to determine how many UV-rays pass through the textile. Standardized measuring procedures and competent tests are necessary to assess the amount of UV-protection.

Sattler certifies all solar protection fabrics according to the UV Standard 801. Compared to other norms, this testing method particularly considers impacts of weathering and physical wear and tear of the textile. The UV standard 801 measurement enables a realistic evaluation of the protective effect against UV-rays which is shown on the label as UPF (ultraviolet protective factor).

The UV Standard 801 label therefore, is an important support when deciding on a textile sun protection. For instance, Sattler awning fabrics graded "UPF 40" filter more than 95% of the UV-radiation. Depending on the fabric’s design, UPF 40, 60 or 80 are available, and ensure a protected sunbath.