Any claim under this warranty must be made and reported to Sattler’s sales or customer service representative within 15 days of the occurrence of the defect.
What is covered?

This warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable because of loss of strength or color from normal usage and exposure to weather and atmospheric conditions including sunlight. This warranty covers the replacement of the fabric only.
How long is the period of coverage?

Sattler provides a warranty to the original purchaser of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric for a period of ten (10) years** from the original date of purchase. **During years 1 through 8 of the warranty period, Sattler will replace or repair any defective item of the fabric or part or component of the fabric with new equivalent fabric, once the fabric has been verified as being a Sattler manufactured cloth by the sewn-in label and the defect has been reasonably determined and identified as a warranty defect. During years nine (9) and ten (10), Sattler will allow replacement of the fabric at the then current price, less 30% discount in year nine and less 15% discount in year 10.
What happens if I have a problem?

Call the dealer or retailer from whom you purchased the product to inspect the claim. They will contact the manufacturer of the item purchased, who will contact Sattler to ask to evaluate the fabric in question, and if it is determined to be inconsistent with the warranty, Sattler will provide replacement fabric to the original purchaser.
Is there anything that the warranty does not cover?

This warranty does not cover atypical wear and tear of the fabric, and any defect under warranty attributable in whole or in part to (i) accidents, misuse, abuse, negligence or failure of the customer to follow instructions for proper use, care, cleaning and treatment of the fabrics, improper installation (ii) external factors, e.g., fire, flood, (iii) environmental factors, e.g. air pollution, bird excrements, (iv) damage caused by mechanical problems or improper processing or handling of the fabrics, or (v) normal wear and tear of the fabrics. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover any costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including freight and labor and installation.