Illuminated and acoustic ceilings:
all the benefits at a glance
  • Conceived as a frame system - light metal frames hold the clamping devices and the fabric edges invisibly
  • Seamless surfaces without visible construction elements
  • Increased technical and design flexibility
  • Individual shape and colour possibilities
  • Made to measure specifically for each room
  • Low material costs
  • Short planning, production and assembly time
  • Large scale prints possible - for example company logos, slogans or photos
  • Technical-functional requirements such as fire protection, sound absorption, lighting, etc. are met
  • Visually undesirable objects such as supply lines, wiring, ventilation, air conditioning systems, etc. can be covered with cladding
acoustic ceiling for the canteen of the university Greifswald
Illuminated ceilings:
  • Translucent diffusion - uniform surface illumination
  • Shadow and glare-free light
  • With innovative light-management systems, simulation of daylight is for example possible. Dynamic colour changes can be produced by use of different coloured lamps.

Acoustic ceilings:

  • Minimisation of noise - clearly perceptible and measurable reduction of sound reflection by use of sound-absorbing textiles
  • Improved speech intelligibility / optimisation of language clarity is achieved by reduction of the reverberation effect


combination of acoustic and illuminated ceilings
combination of light and acoustic modules