Easy handling of the wall elements

The light walls weighing approx. 40 kilograms are erected by two persons with no problem. With the aid of a fan, the individual elements are filled with air in approx. 10 minutes.

Special CENO stands, with verification of auditable statics of up to wind force 8, provide the required stability.

Alternatively, existing scaffolding or similar on site could be used, depending on the local circumstances. D-rings are installed on the front of the wall elements, which makes it easy to connect the individual walls.

Easy installation of noise barriers with just a few helpers
Erection is also not complicated with double storey assembly - project example, Schleizer Dreieck

Since 1923, everything of distinction on two or four wheels has driven on the oldest natural race track in Germany. To protect the local inhabitants from noise pollution, the walls are erected for each race day quickly and without complication. Although the walls here are installed on top of one another, erection using an elevating platform is quickly carried out. A total of 6 noise protection elements, with a size of 4.20 x 3.30 m (w x h) and 10 noise protection walls with a size of 4.20 x 5.00 m (w x h) enables noise reduction of approx. 20 dB(A).

Installation noise protection wall – Schleizer Dreieck
First the bottom row with noise barriers is mounted.
The upper row of noise barriers is mounted -  racetrack Schleizer Dreieck
Practical handling also for transportation and storage

The mobile noise protection walls can be folded up small and manageable and, thus, are cost-effective and space-saving for transportation and storage. As an option, special, foldable transportation and storage boxes can also be supplied (storage capacity, approx. 6 noise protection walls).

So small and handy is the dismounted wall.
The mobile wall can be quickly filled with air with a commercially available pump.
Practical storage box for up to 6 noise barriers.