Construction of the CENO-TUBE

The CENO-TUBE is a hose dyke filled with water, is made from high-strength polyester membranes coated with synthetic material which has a proven and highly effective 3-component safety system.

3-component safety system
3-Component-System for your safety

The CENO-TUBE comprises of three layers of material:

The dyke body (1) is filled with water. The jacket mesh (2) encases the hoses. The dike is sealed with a protective tarp (3). The mesh is pre-tensioned by the pressure of the water in the hoses. A stable, static system is established.

All modules of a dyke chain can be connected to one another by the mesh sleeve.

The benefit: in case of unevenness in the floor, unavailable friction forces are transmitted to lateral positions. The sealing Membrane (3) is fixed 1-3 m in front of the dyke in order to optimize the seal on permeable surfaces. In addition, it protects the dyke from damage.



Using a 3-component safety system, CENO-Tube products attain particularly good sealing properties and high safety reserves.