Extension Office Building

built 2013
location Greven, Germany
light fibre Ceno Style LG-44 Gewebe
acoustic fabric Ceno Style AP-06
Additional offices have been created by building an extension. As there is only a reduced amount of indirect daylight, the task falls to the luminous ceiling to create an attractive working atmosphere as a light source and via the mood lighting. The middle of the space, suffused with light, picks out the workstations.

The unfussy frame design, covered with Ceno Style LG-44 fabric, creates attractive artistic and daylight effects. A closed system prevents dust deposits on the fabric. At the same time, thanks to the use of the Ceno Style AP-06 (αw=0.60) acoustic material on the fringes of the space, the noise level is reduced and contributes to the pleasant acoustic environment. To minimise reverberation time, large textile-covered frames were installed at a distance of 50 cm under the ceiling. Thanks to the low weight and the simple supporting structure, the frame elements can be fitted together easily by hand. Just a simple supporting structure is used, as with a suspended ceiling. For maintenance purposes, individual frames are disassembled by swinging them away.