Nuremberg Trade Fair

built 2012
client Messe Nürnberg GmbH
general contractor Lindner AG, Arnstorf
architect Kadawittfeld
material Ceno Style AP-06
Nuremberg Trade Fair/Brussels Room

New-build of a conference room for 1,000 people

The new multifunctional conference room is located within the building in the form of an apparently floating structure. An unusual roof/wall installation with sound-absorbent panels ensures good acoustics. On the customer’s steel substructure Ceno, following the blueprint of architects kadawittfeld, produced a total of 1,150 geometrically different textile-covered frames which were covered with the acoustic membrane Ceno Style AP-06 (αw=0.60). The required sound absorption level of αw =0.9 is achieved thanks to the fitting of an additional 40 mm absorber. In order to be able to realise the strictly structured joint pattern with its outlets for lighting rails, spotlights and other outlets, readjustable connection points were developed in the vertical and horizontal plane.