Booth of VW

fair trade IAA 2001, Frankfurt
architect Cebra GmbH, Wolfsburg
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
material PES/PVC
An ovally arranged structure made of a translucent polyester grid fabric framed the VW exhibition stand area of almost 150 x 80 metres: using no columns, it formed a kind of soaring steep faced bend which started approximately three metres above the ground and extended up to a height of nine metres. Another transparent fabric hanging down to the ground which separated the exhibition area from the office and utility rooms was hung from it on the outer sides, while being used for illumination effects at the same time.

The central inner area of the exhibition stand was shaped like a convex funnel - with a diameter of over 40 metres and a height of nine metres! Both entrance tubes which provided access to the centre were also situated at this height. A multimedia show with water and laser effects was staged there among other events. The material for the centre's structure consisted of a light-proof silver-coloured polyester fabric which was floodlit iridescently from the outside in changing colours, increasing the technically fascinating character of the vehicle presentation even further.