Design and Engineering of Tensile Structures

In contrast to conventional structures the final shape is decisively determined by the membrane structural performance in the case of textile roofing.

This is why the design planning of tensile structures must take place in close coordination with structural analysis in order to obtain a conception that is impeccable with respect to efficiency and aesthetics. Creative cooperation between the architect or designer and CENO’s specialist engineer is recommended from the very beginning of the first design and concept stage.

The jointly developed conception should take account of the following criteria:

  • aesthetic design as per the builder´s and architect´s wishes
  • geometrical shaping possibly adapted by the Ceno specialist engineer
  • structural required elements (positioning of supports, bracings, anchoring etc.)
Rendering Stadium Bunyodkor in Taschkent
Textile roofing, as well as, conventional structures belong to the category of permanent structures; it is therefore necessary to obtain a planning and building permission according to state-specific standards.

Apart from the planned shaping, the final verifiable structural calculations must take the technical data and the biaxial expansion behavior of the membrane material as well as the load assumption contained in the respective building code into account.

Following the approval of the structural calculation by the building authority, the design drawings will be prepared in cooperation with the architects plan and builders implementation.

Typically, the bearing structure and the membrane will be prepared by Ceno Tec so that it is ready for assembly, just like a prefabricated house.