Vocational School

built / location 2011 / Duisburg
general contractor Goldbeck Ost GmbH
architect Dohle + Lohse Architekten GmbH, Braunschweig
planning ETFE-structure Ing. Schülke-Wiesmann, Dortmund
covered area 1.009 sqm
28 two-part ETFE-cushions Each cushion is 13.5 metres long and 2.70 metres wide
In Duisburg, the general contractor Goldbeck has handed over one of the most modern school complexes in Germany to the city following a construction period of only 17 months - a vocational college for 2,600 students. ETFE Cushions was an imperative part of the project.
At its official inauguration, the incumbent mayor praised both the state-of-the-art facilities and, above-all its architectural brilliance. The ETFE cushion roofed foyer area between the two main buildings was viewed as a special highlight. The atmosphere here is bathed in light and friendly – above all thanks to the transparent ETFE cushion roof construction.

Nowadays ETFE cushions are used to connect two Buildings or to create a large roof, so that the natural light can be used.