Botanical Garden

year of construction 2012
client University Aarhus
architect steel frame C.F. Moller / S. Jensen
planning ETFE-cushions form TL GmbH
cushion surface 1.800 qm
covered area 1.145 qm
Hothouse in the botanical gardens, Aarhus/DK

The transparent ETFE dome with an oval plan view supplements the existing glass house from 1969.

A particularity of this ETFE structure: it offers greatest possible volume with smallest possible surface and thereby a high energy efficiency.

In longitudinal and transverse axis the structure consists of 10 steel arches which form a net of different sized squares. Mainly the covering consists of two-layer cushions which are fixed with biaxial bended profiles. On the south side the cushions have been designed with three layers, two of which are printed. The position of the two printed layers to each other can be varied by changing the pressure. This reduces or increases the translucency of the ETFE cushions and thereby the light and heat input into the building.

Material: Nowofol ETFE-foil in 150 µm and 250 µm thickness

ETFE becomes a product as the preferred choice over Glass due to its advantages and excellent properties.