"Hamburger Meile"

built 2009 - 2010
location Hamburg, Germany
architect ECE Projektmanagement, Hamburg
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
ETFE-facade surface 650 sqm
ETFE-Facade for the so-called Media Tower
Shopping Centre "Hamburger Meile"

The shopping centre built in 1970 at Hamburger Straße was modernised and redesigned from scratch and EUR 200 million were spent. With a futuristic facade as well as a light-flooded mall in modern design, the centre is to regain its former attractiveness. At the end of April 2010, the northern extension of the shopping promenade - now 600 metres long - was opened.

The Media Tower - clad with cushions of ETFE film - represents a particularly striking highlight of architecture - above all when illuminated in colour.


Two-layer cushions of ETFE film are applied to clad the facade. The cushions' substructure is a steel construction consisting of straight edge girders forming a hyperboloid of rotational symmetry. In this form, distances and twisting of the edge girders are always identical such that the basic geometry of the cushions is always the same. Merely the different lengths of the cushions result in different geometries.

In principle, all the cushions are always positioned between the straight edge girders and they are attached to the substructure by means of aluminium welting profiles.