Swimming Bath "Rheinwelle"

built 2005
location Gau-Algesheim, Germany
architect Dr. Krieger Architekten, Velbert
static ETFE-cushions form TL, Radolfzell
covered area 1,728 s.qm
Five ETFE foil cushion spanning the longitudinal axis are attached to a steel substructure (honeycomb girders). Each of the air-supported ETFE foil cushions is made of three layers of ETFE film which are clamped by aluminum clamping strips at the edge. The big ETFE foil cushions with a size from 5x16 m² to 13x30 m² are segmented by parallel arches and suction cables stretched over them. Due to the cut, the top film warps upward in a big arch between the suction cables which leads to an attractive visual affect and at the same time provides for a continuous water and snow discharge.

ETFE Foil Cushions provide even for the stringiest wind and snow load the ultimate Solution and still giving astatic architectural design features.