Tropical Islands

built 2004
client Tropical Islands GmbH
architect CL Map
structural analysis form TL, Radolfzell
roof area 20.000 qm
size of the cushions ca. 20,6 x 15,8 Meter
"Tropical Islands" ETFE-Foil cushion structure

Originally built for the production of large airships, the former CargoLifter hangar, the world’s largest selfsupporting hall will house an artificial tropical paradise of superlative dimensions to be marvelled at in the future: 

a 5,000 m² large tropical sea with a 200 meter long white sand beach, a rain forest with 1,000 different plants and trees, a 1,500 m² large tropical lagoon and numerous catering facilities and exotic show programmes shall help to attract thousand of visitors daily as of 2005.

In order to supply the tropical plant life in Tropical Island with the required lighting using natural daylight / UV light, a new transparent roof was built. A roof surface of 20,000 m² will be provided with a structure of threelayered, air-supported pneumatic cushions on the existing main supporting structure made of steel. The crystal-clear Teflon foil (ETFE) makes it possible for natural daylight to penetrate to a rate of up to 97 %. and the air cushions provide for sufficient heat protection. A total of 60,000 m² of the special foil and approx. 16 kilometres of aluminium-sheathed special wire cable will be processed.