Office building Alliander

client Boele & van Eesteren bv, Rijkswijk
owner Alliander, Duiven
architect Rau Architects
material ETFE foil thickness: upper foil/middel foil/lower foil = 200/100/200 mµ
covered area with ETFE 1.714 sq.m
ETFE skylights create light

The Group of Alliander renovated extensively their office in Duiven, The Netherlands. To create more natural light, CENO proposed 20 skylights at the roof, made out of ETFE.
Five buildings where connected with an Atrium roof by a metal frame structure, which was separated by the ETFE skylights of different sizes. Below you find the attractively designed pathways which connect the buildings. The interior walls received a planted facade and the required light is achieved through the ETFE Skylights. A Total of 20 circular skylights have 6 different geometries and the sizes vary from 21’ to 65’ of Diameter. The combined ETFE surface area reached 10,512 sft by a total roofed atrium of 102,600 sft. A 3-layer cushion was used with 2 air chambers and the upper ETFE layer was printed silver to get the required G-Value. Within just 2 month all ETFE skylights where installed.